ARKIMEET'14 International Conference
Speaker, Author Seda Kurt Sengun
Invited by ARKITERA

16'23'' Talk on YouTube
(Talk is in Turkish language and it does not consist the images which are critically important. I guess it was the technical fault of organisation committee.)
The place that no longer in use has a peculiar atmosphere and this is a kind of heterotopic emplacement which are ill-shaped, disused, unproductive, neglected, abandoned, obsolete, desolate, uninhabited areas. As a result of loss of values and meanings that were traditionally associated with urban open space. Landscape narratives which appear as areas of loss, with situation of place or without and possibility of non-placeness has relational sets of localisation that producing areas of contrast, specific atmospheric conditions with unique heterotopic existences (1), privileged because of the genetic reservoir of the earth that called third landscape of délaissés and friches (2), urban liquidity that vacuumed membrane of terrain vagues (3) are the areas of the negative vacant for the city and the areas of rural, public, ecological, sociological, cultural acquisition.
(1) Michel Foucault (2) Gilles Clément (3) Ignasi de Solá-Morales Rubió
Arkimeet 2014

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