Workshop and Lecture
@ Izmir History and Design Atelier, Basmane IZMIR, September 2016

Lecturer, Workshop Leader: Seda Kurt Sengun
Invited by: Izmir History and Design Atelier

The lecture was about objects of landscapes, scenerios, new narratives of different perceptions. The scope was finding basic compositions which is undocumented. The re-visualisation by photography, photo manipulation collage techniques and sequences for to explore new narratives of urban landscape creates new dialogs through new domesticity of Basmane. It was the first day of the workshop 'Söküm-Döküm Peyzajlar' at Izmir History and Design Atelier in Basmane region.

The text about workshop has published on Arkitera, December 2016.
arkitera.com academia.edu.com
English text will be here soon.

Landscape talks with participants, working by hands and paper cuts. Thanks to İzmir Tarih Tasarım Atölyesi for the invitation and for the 1st photo, Cansu P. İşbilen.

Critics about final works at the end of 3 days. The street as a mirador, the garden as a self-heaven and the workshop team. The last two credits for Cansu P. İşbilen.

Cut outs for hand-made collages have chosen as domestic elements of Basmane landscape.

3 x 5 cm 2 pieces Paper-Cut Collage of Aysun. 'Routine for Seniors'

5 Paper-Cut Collages of Burak and Cemre. Burak's 2 pieces entitled with 'Garden as a Self-Heaven' and Cemre's 'Compound', 'Parking', 'Yellowish'.

The only one piece collage which has digitally edited by Gözde, entitled with 'Cul-de-sac'.

Finding outlines, experienced micro combinations. Collages of 3.

Green texture has potted as an element, spacing as a pergola and a spontaneous material. Collages of 3.

Joining or separation, vertical is matter.Collages of 3.

As a sequence or panorama? Collages of two.