Stüdyo219 is a first year architectural design studio by Seda Kurt Şengün as an instructor, takes its place via the invitation of Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Architecture Department. The studio has a total of 2 years and 5 academic years, emphasizes the importance of originality in architectural design as the main motivation for production, and that conceptual understanding can be advanced through production. Stüdyo219 social media account, which directly contributes to the starting and ending motivations of the content-driven workshops, evolves into an opportunity to spread the effects of 6 hours per week of production and conversation per week over other days. The studio acts as a stand-alone design studio module connected to the procedure; they move into the field of action and observation, which also takes advantage of social media reflexes and fiction workshops based on point references of initiative relations to metropolitan, university and architecture.

Stüdyo219 portfolio link is at the below: